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Film | Flagship Program for Film
Film | Flagship Program for Film


Since 2010, the Ministry of Culture began implementing its five-year flagship program for the film industry, which is expected to be completed in 2014. The flagship program aims to promote originality, finance, market, techniques and manpower, as well as integration of resources.

The flagship program aims to increase the number of audiences, to encourage filmmakers to produce quality Taiwanese movies, to capture the Chinese-speaking film market and to assist producers with strategic marketing plans.

One: To assist Taiwanese filmmakers in producing Taiwanese blockbuster films by:

  • Researching trends in the Chinese-speaking film industry and markets.
  • Promoting cinematic creativity and scriptwriting development.
  • Supporting filmmakers who produce mid- or large-scale movies in Chinese-speaking community.
  • Supporting filmmakers who produce mid- or small- sized Taiwanese movies that are culturally diverse and competitive on the market.

Two: To foster strategic marketing and promotional plans in the Taiwanese film industry by:

  • Strengthening the marketing and promotion of Taiwanese films at home and abroad.
  • Expanding the influence of the Golden Horse Awards.
  • Revising outdated policies or unsuitable regulations, such as those governing joint productions.
  • Negotiating for the entry of Taiwanese movies to the mainland Chinese market.

Three: To strengthen the filmmaking industry and train films professionals by:

  • Encouraging participation in the Ministry’s training programs.
  • Welcoming more pre- and post-production works to Taiwan
  • Elevating the production standards of Taiwanese movies and supervising Taiwanese film professionals in meeting international standards.
  • Enhancing the quality of digitalization in the local film industry.

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