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Overview | Film
Overview | Film


Taiwan’s motion picture industry has grown at an incredible pace in recent years, giving rise to renowned blockbusters such as the 2012 epic “Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale” and the award-winning 2013 art film “Stray Dogs.” Overall, the number of Taiwan-made movies has grown almost by two-fold in the past five years, from 36 releases in 2008 to 76 original productions in 2012.

To facilitate the production of quality Taiwanese movies and to capture a larger portion of the Chinese-speaking film market, the Ministry’s flagship programs include:

  • Supporting both established filmmakers who produce mid- or large-scale movies and new filmmakers who produce small-sized movies that are culturally diverse and competitive on the market;
  • Expanding the influence of Taiwan’s film awards, such as the Golden Horse Awards;
  • Revising outdated policies or unsuitable regulations, such as those governing joint productions;
  • Negotiating for the entry of Taiwanese movies to the mainland Chinese market;
  • Enabling more pre- and post-production cinematic work to be conducted by Taiwanese professionals.      


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