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Project Details
Project Details


Spotlight Taiwan Project

Application Guidelines


Ministry of Culture

Republic of China (Taiwan)

January 2018 Edition





To promote international cultural exchanges and cultivate a greater interest and appreciation of Taiwan’s culture in the international community, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China (hereafter “the Ministry”) is approaching professional art and culture organizations and leading universities to establish long-term cooperative relationships. The Ministry and partner organizations will both contribute resources to support a diverse array of enriching activities related to Taiwan’s culture.



Arts, cultural, and educational institutions worldwide – including museums, performing arts centers, and arts organizations – are invited to submit proposals. Applicants with established influence and a capacity for mobilizing public participation or professional cultural circles will receive priority consideration for funding.


Funding Support

This global competitive project is designed to encourage both Parties to contribute resources for mutual benefit. In principle, the Ministry will provide funding support up to a maximum of US$40,000 per year for an approved project. Applicants who submit proposals for matching funding will receive priority consideration.


Scope of Cooperation

The Ministry will support partner organizations’ undertaking of the following themes and forms of activities:

  • Cooperation may include activities featuring a perspective on Taiwan’s contemporary cultural scenes such as performing/visual arts, films, music and audiovisual productions, publishing and literature, history, Sinology, crafts, cultural and creative sectors, cultural heritage, or community empowerment.
  • Activities may be in diverse forms, including performances, exhibitions, film screenings, forums, workshops, expertise exchanges, or personnel training. A comprehensive series of programs such as “Taiwan Month/Taiwan Week” that comprises one or more of the aforementioned activities, or incorporate major local cultural events and resources, is also encouraged.


Application Procedure

  • Proposals shall be submitted to the closest overseas office of the Ministry (contact list available here). Please include a detailed report and other required items outlined in Appendix I.  
  • Proposals for Spotlight Taiwan 2018 shall be submitted by the overseas office to the Ministry no later than February 28, 2018, and results shall be announced in late March 2018. Late applications will not be accepted. 


Priority Considerations

  • Influence: Both the organization’s capacity for coordinating events as well as its influence among professional cultural circles.
  • Outstanding Theme: The selection of a theme that highlights a unique aspect of Taiwan’s diverse culture and enhances the nation’s cultural profile on the world stage.
  • Inclusive Proposal: Diverse and professionally curated content, a reasonable budget, and the ability to attract and engage public participation.
  • Innovative Promotion: The effective utilization of multiple marketing channels and new media such as mobile apps and social networks. 
  • Networks & Resources: The enhancement of the project’s impact based on the organization’s resources and connections (including the proposed self-funded amount towards the project) and its ability to mobilize professional cultural networks.
  • Sustainable Framework for Collaboration: A joint prospect that can be repeated, conducted on a long-term basis, and/or sustained by its previous results.


Remittances & Audits

  • Any major alterations to the original proposal shall be detailed in a written letter and submitted to the Ministry’s overseas office one month prior to the start of the event(s). Upon notification, the Ministry reserves the right to adjust funding accordingly.
  • All approved projects shall be completed before November 10, 2018. Required documentation such as the final report, income and expenditure statements, and all receipts, invoices, and proofs of expenditure must be submitted to the Ministry’s overseas office by November 30, 2018. Any unspent funds shall be reimbursed to the Ministry as well.


For more information, please contact:


Ms. Hsiang-Yi Huang


Ms. Ming-Yi Yu


► Click here to view the list of requirementsthe FAQ section, or to download the application details.


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