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Cloud Gate Dance Theatre
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre


  • Chinese Name: 雲門舞集
  • Year of Establishment: 1973
  • Founder and Choreographer: Lin Hwai-min (林懷民)
  • Website: www.cloudgate.org.tw
  • Behind the Name: As the first contemporary dance company in the Chinese-speaking community, “Cloud Gate” was named after the oldest known dance performed in imperial China during the reign of the Yellow Emperor.


Select Programs


  • Songs of the Wanderers” (1994) - This production, narrating a man’s quest for enlightenment during the time of Buddha, was adapted from the novel “Siddhartha” by German-Swiss poet Hermann Hesse.


  • Moon Water” (1998) - This production, which utilizes water on stage at the end of the show, was inspired by a Buddhist proverb, “Flowers in a mirror and moon on the water are both illusions.”


  • Water Stains on the Wall” (2010) - This production was inspired by founder Lin Hwai-min’s great love of Chinese landscape paintings and the Tamsui River, which Lin can see from his home in the Bali District of New Taipei City.


About the Founder, Lin Hwai-min

Moving between genres and eras when he reads, the patriarch of the Cloud Gate family takes what he experiences as a reader, and uses it to create masterpieces on the stage … (read more)


Tamsui Headquarters

Located between a 19th century fort and a 96-year-old golf course overlooking the Tamsui River, the Cloud Gate Theatre complex boasts a 450-seat theater, two studios, offices, and an outdoor theater with a capacity of 1,500 people. 


Further Reading

“As always, Lin's choreography fuses the inward serenity of eastern movement with the dynamic shapes and lines of western dance.” — J.M., The Guardian


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