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Publishing | Overview
Publishing | Overview
The Ministry aims to transform the publishing industry into a source of inspiration for all cultural and creative industries.
Policies & Initiatives
Supervision of the nation’s publishing sector falls under the Ministry’s Department of Humanities & Publications, whose top priorities include:
  • Helping Taiwanese writers and publishers enter the global market. This can be achieved by boosting their participation in international trade fairs and establishing the Taipei International Book Exhibition as the foremost publishing platform in Asia.
  • Easing the nation into the era of digital publishing. This can be achieved by supervising the print industry’s digital transformation, connecting local publishers with international professionals and promoting the habit of using e-reading devices among the nation’s booklovers.
  • Promoting Chinese-language publications and literature. This can be achieved by increasing participation in book fairs in mainland China and marketing Taiwanese literature in Southeast Asia.
  • Increasing readership and domestic demand. This can be achieved by assisting the nation’s creative industries in deriving product ideas from published materials and supporting independent bookstores.
  • Rewarding top contributors to the nation’s publishing industry. This can be achieved by expanding the scope of the Golden Comic Awards, the Golden Butterfly Awards for book design and the Golden Tripod Awards for publishing.
  • Gathering information on publishing trends. This can be achieved by conducting surveys and research projects as well as integrating and upgrading digital information platforms.
Latest Updates
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