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Literature | Overview
Literature | Overview


The Ministry is dedicated to promoting the habit of reading and supporting independent bookstores.


Policies & Initiatives

Supervision of the nation’s literature sector falls under the Ministry’s Department of Humanities & Publications, whose top priorities include:

  • Supporting activities related to literature and reading.
    To foster an environment conducive to reading, arts development and literary creation, the Ministry offers funding for literature-related events such as workshops, awards, camps, conferences and international exchanges. Programs that train new writers or promote award-winning books are eligible as well. All legally registered publishing houses, arts and cultural groups, foundations and book retailers are entitled to apply for subsidies twice a year.​

  • Selecting quality reading materials for young readers.
    As an incentive for the publishing industry to produce quality reading materials for young readers, the Ministry compiles an annual list of books suitable for elementary and middle school students. A recommended booklist has been made available to the nation’s schools, libraries, teachers and parents on an annual basis since 1983.

  • Instilling the love of reading in children.
    The Ministry maintains an online reading resource center for children called the Children’s Cultural Center. First launched in 1999, the website utilizes animation to stimulate children’s interest in learning and reading.

  • Invoking celebrity power to promote reading.
    The Ministry appoints well-known figures from Taiwan’s cultural and arts sector as cultural ambassadors to read with the public. Called the New Wave of Reading, the program organizes public reading events in both suburban and rural regions in the hope of reviving the nation’s reading habits.

  • Assisting independent bookstores.
    As the number of independent bookstores is an important indicator of a nation’s cultural level, the Ministry plays a key role in ensuring the survival of small bookstores. Subsidies are offered to help the cultural and creative industries reduce operating costs, train bookstore personnel and assist young entrepreneurs with opening bookstores in their hometowns. 

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