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Heritage Restoration | Overview
Heritage Restoration | Overview
The three core concepts guiding Taiwan’s cultural heritage preservation efforts are: 
  • Conservation and preservation
  • Operation and management
  • Revitalization and reuse
The Bureau aims to promote the sustainable preservation of Taiwan’s cultural assets by combining the joint efforts of the central government, local governments and civic groups in order to carry out a more systematic preservation. When it comes to the preservation of monuments, historic buildings, settlements and cultural landscapes, the Bureau of Cultural Heritage is responsible for:
  • Promoting the designation (registration) of national, municipal, and county (city) monuments, historic buildings, important settlements, settlements and cultural landscapes;
  • Assisting local governments and the private sector in jointly promoting the maintenance, preservation and revitalization of tangible cultural assets;
  • Promoting the conservation of aboriginal cultural assets;
  • Implementing an evaluation and award program for the management and maintenance of public historic properties;
  • Conducting periodic and conclusive examinations of national historic heritages;
  • Establishing a management system and maintenance schedule for monuments and historic buildings;
  • All other issues regarding the planning, research, talent training and advocacy in the field of cultural heritage preservation.
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