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Heritage Restoration | Research Initiatives
Heritage Restoration | Research Initiatives
The National Center for Research & Preservation of Cultural Properties, a subordinate agency of the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, is tasked with conducting research on the preservation and restoration of historic buildings, archeological sites, antiques and cultural properties.
Policies & Initiatives
The top priorities of the National Center for Research & Preservation of Cultural Properties, which is located in the southern county of Tainan, include:
  • Developing new techniques for the preservation of cultural properties.
The center’s laboratory works on improving current preservation techniques as well as developing new methods to minimize the damage caused by Taiwan’s humid and hot environment.
  • Integrating the nation’s cultural preservation resources.
The center partners with academic institutes, research facilities and museums to conduct preservation projects. It also offers professional assistance to local governments in preserving regional cultural relics.
  • Fostering technical exchanges and transfers.
The center regularly presents its research and laboratory results in international symposiums and seminars. It also publishes books and conducts technical exchanges with local and overseas institutes.
  • Recruiting a new generation of heritage preservation experts.
The center maintains a human resource database and provides interdisciplinary and proactive training.
  • Strengthening the nation’s preventive measures on heritage preservation.
The center devotes considerable resources towards the research and implementation of precautionary measures that can safeguard the nation’s cultural properties. The center is also responsible for drafting emergency plans for crisis situations.
Latest Updates
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