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Public Art | Public Art in Taiwan
Public Art | Public Art in Taiwan
The Regulations on Public Art Installation enacted in 1988 defines public art as all kinds of creations that are displayed at public spaces or venues. The nation’s public art sector is supervised by the Ministry’s Department of Arts Development, whose priorities include:
  • Promoting the concept of public art in Taiwan
  • Regulating the installation of public art pieces
  • Transferring art pieces from museum halls to public spaces
  • Providing funding for public art events
  • Introducing public art to the nation’s cultural and creative parks
There are currently 25 public art review committees and a total of 2,000 public art works on display in Taiwan. According to the Ministry’s statistics, over NT$420 million (US$14.1 million) was spent on the creation and collection of public art in 2011.
Public Art Awards
Established in 2007, the Public Art Awards recognizes local public arts projects that are creative, environmentally compatible and involved with public participation. 
The awards, conferred for the third year in 2012, include Outstanding Award, Best Planning Award, Best Creativity Award, Best Environmental Integration Award, Best Public Participation Award, Best Education Promotion Award and Popularity Award.
The contesting projects for the first seven categories all go through three stages of judging by a committee, while the popularity award winner, which must first enter the second phase, is selected among candidates by an online voting.
Public art works on display in various public spaces such as the metro stations, hospitals, schools and street corners are all potential contestants. Most winners have stood out because of their creative integration with local culture or unique artistry.
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