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All Arts | The Artist Residency & Exchange Program
All Arts | The Artist Residency & Exchange Program
The Artist Residency & Exchange Program is a Ministry initiative that aims to promote Taiwan’s artist villages and foster international exchanges.
A flagship program of 2013-15, the initiative will:
  • Boost the quality of local artist-in-residence programs. The Ministry will help artist villages upgrade their facilities and overall environment.
  • Help artist villages become more involved with their local communities. By introducing local governments and networks to the program, artist villages will gain access to more resources while helping their region through cultural tourism.
  • Foster exchanges between local artist villages and their foreign counterparts. This will help improve Taiwan’s art residency operations, enhance exchanges between local and foreign art communities and help broaden the perspectives of local artists.
  • Generate more interest. In recent years, civic groups have also started to participate in artist villages and art projects.
Participants in the Artist Residency & Exchange Program include:

Those supervised by the Ministry
  • The Art Site of Railway Warehouse (Hsinchu)
  • The Art Site of Railway Warehouse (Chiayi)
  • Taitung Railway Art Village
  • Fangliao F3 Art District
  • Warehouse 20 at the Taichung Railway Station
  • Hualien Railway Cultural Park
Those operated by local governments
  • Treasure Hill Artist Village
  • Taipei Artist Village
  • Dasi Artist Villa
  • Ciaotou Art Village
  • Nan Ying Tsung-Yeh Arts & Cultural Center
  • Soulang Art Workshop
Those operated by schools and cultural centers
  • Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
  • KYU Art Center
Those operated by the private sector
  • Bamboo Curtain Studio
  • Hwataoyao Botanical Garden
  • Ceramic Studio and Wood Kilns
  • Xiaguirou Artist Village
  • Taipei Contemporary Art Center
  • Dance Exponent Five Dance Studio
  • The Ping Pong Hilton Project
  • Dulan Sugar Refinery Arts Village
  • Timur Liuli Glass Cultural & Art Village
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