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Performance Arts | Living Arts Festival
  • Chinese Title:「藝術生活節」
The Living Arts Festival Program is a Ministry initiative that is aimed at strengthening the development of the performing arts in Taiwan. First enacted in 2010, the initiative will:
  • Help showcase local performing arts groups. The Ministry has organized a series of outdoor events, street shows and art parades that offer performance troupes an opportunity to shine. 
  • Contribute to Taiwan’s growing cultural influence. By inviting both local and foreign art agents to Living Arts Festivals, the Ministry helps to connect Taiwanese performers with a wider audience. 
  • Support young and upcoming artists. Through the Living Arts Festivals, the Ministry also recruits new talent and implements its long-term objective of transforming Taiwan into the most experimental and creative region in the Chinese-speaking world.
  • Make the performing arts more readily accessible to everyone. Living Arts Festivals help to bring together professionals and amateurs, performers and critics, as well as foreign and local audiences.
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