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National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra
National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra


  • Chinese Name: 國立臺灣交響樂團
  • Address: No. 738-2 Zhongzheng Rd., Wufeng District Taichung City, Taiwan
  • Site: http://en.ntso.gov.tw/


The National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (NTSO) is the oldest symphony orchestra in Taiwan. In addition to promoting classical music, the institution has also nurtured many world-class musicians, thereby providing the foundation for the diverse music scene in Taiwan today.



Established in 1945 in the central city of Taichung, the Orchestra was the first of its kind to tour the island to give performances. The NTSO has since has accumulated more than 70 years of experience in performing at home and abroad, including for Chinese, Korean, American, and South African audiences.

The orchestra currently consists of over 80 members who collectively present between 60 and 80 concerts and chamber recitals per year. Chien Wen-pin has served as the orchestra’s artistic advisor since 2014.

One of its most celebrated programs is holding open contests to select new compositions by Taiwanese composers, with the winning pieces performed during tours to further promote local musical talent. The NTSO also dedicates itself to the cultivation of young musicians by holding annual international youth orchestras and band camps.

With deep faith and love for music, the Orchestra is now focusing on becoming more in line with new trends and vitalizing Taiwan’s musical scene. Aiming to bring "exquisite," "popular," "classical," and "creative" performances to its audiences, the Orchestra constantly searches for ways to do more.


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