Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia
Cultural Division of the Taipei-Moscow Economic and Cultural Coordination Commission
Тайбэйско-Московской координационной комиссии по экономическому и культурному сотрудничеству
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  • Россия,Москва,125009 ,Тверская ул 24/2,корпус 1, подьезд 4 ,этаж 3
  • 24/2 Tverskaya St. Korpus, Gate 4, 3rd Floor, Moscow 125009, Russia
The Cultural Division is responsible for creating opportunities in cultural exchanges and collaboration among Taiwanese and Russian artists. It also works with the Ministry of Culture’s Spotlight Taiwan partners in Russia, promotes Taiwanese performance arts and popular music, and invites heavyweight Russian cultural professionals to visit Taiwan. 
Past Events
February 2017 |'Unforgotten Heroes (1875-2014)'
May 2016 | Cloud Gate Tri-City Tour
May 2016 | Moscow Polytechnic Museum
March 2015 | State Museum of Oriental Art
June 2014 | Moscow International Film Festival
November 2013 | ‘Schizophrenia Taiwan 2.0’
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