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Community empowerment refers to empowering the people. By getting members of society involved, the Ministry is helping local communities to:

  • Form a group identity.
  • Have their voices heard.
  • Fulfill their needs.


Policies & Initiatives

Phase II (Two) of the Ministry’s Community Empowerment Project is slated for 2008 through 2016. The three main objectives of the Ministry’s 9-year plan are: 

  • To nurture a new generation of community empowerment experts and to integrate regional resources. 
  • To support residents in empowering and engaging with their local community. 
  • To develop new methods of community empowerment through a sub-project called the Community Development Breakthrough Program. 

In developing a community that is bonded by more than simply geographical proximity, residents can collectively promote and strengthen their local culture, heritage, environment, tourism and economy. 

Latest Updates


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Log onto the Ministry’s bilingual Taiwan Community Interaction Website for eyewitness accounts of community transformation and the establishment of so-called “new hometowns.” 

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