New York, NY
New York, NY
Taipei Cultural Center in New York
Taipei Cultural Center in NY
The Cultural Center plays a significant role in enhancing Taiwan’s international image and promoting cultural exchanges. The New York office is used as an outpost for promoting understanding of Taiwan’s culture and arts in North America.
The strategic plans of the Cultural Center are to cooperate with important North American performance organizations; invite Taiwan’s performance and visual artists to New York and North America to perform, exhibit, or serve residency; to enhance Taiwan’s presence in the arts festivals of North America; and to increase international visibility of Taiwan’s culture and arts.
By using culture and arts as communication channels, Taiwan is able to boost mutual understanding and appreciation in culture and arts, as well as strengthen its friendship with the United States and Canada.
  • Contact: Olivia Su (蘇介雯)
  • Phone: 002-1-646-764-5830
  • Fax: 0021-212-697-6303
Past Events
March 2017 | Considerate Creations
October 2016 | BAM
August 2016 | 25 Years
June 2016 | Luminosity
March 2016 | 'Taiwan Women's Film Series'
January 2016 | 'The Lost Garden'
October 2015 | 'Sonic Blossom'
October 2015 | 'inToAsia'
September 2015 | 'The Moment'
January 2015 | Contemporary Dance Showcase
Taiwanese choreographers in NY
October 2014 | CMJ Music Marathon
June 2014 | ‘All Hail the King’
King Hu's Dragon Gate Inn
October 2014 | ‘Assembled Realities’
November 2013 | ‘Taiwan Rising Stars’
Taiwan Rising Stars
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