Houston, TX
Houston, TX
Taiwan Academy in Houston
  • Taiwan Academy in Houston
The Taiwan Academy in Houston was established in 2012 as part of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston. The Academy is tasked with promoting Taiwan’s culture through the fields of visual arts, performing arts, museums, film and television, music, literature and publications, and the cultural and creative sector.
The Academy in Houston oversees operations in 17 states in the southern and central United States – Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Idaho, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.    
  • Contact: Keng Ling Wang (王更陵)
  • Phone: 1-713-840-3863
  • E-mailklwang@moc.gov.tw
  • Fax: 1-713-961-1365
Past Events
March 2017 | Elysium
October 2016 | Asia Society
May 2016 | Museum of Art & Science
March 2016 | Elysium
December 2015 | 'The Search for Identity'
November 2015 | 'The Book Garden'
November 2015 | Asia Society
March 2015 | ‘Also Like Life’
Chu Tien-wen
March 2015 | ‘Common Practice 21C’
Common Practice 21C
July 2014 | Spotlight Taiwan
Keti Liang
April 2014 | World Fest-Houston
World Fest-Houston
November 2013 | ‘Shan Shui: The Beckoning of Nature’
Charlies Liu
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