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Academic Resources

Chinese culture has taken root and flourished in Taiwan. With a free and open society where diverse ethnic groups live in harmony, and with stable economic growth, Taiwan has developed a unique Chinese culture that incorporates distinctive features and values of Taiwanese culture.

The most prominent example of how Chinese culture has been preserved in Taiwan is the continual use of traditional Chinese characters. Understanding traditional Chinese characters, which have been used for over 3,000 years since the Shang Dynasty, are part and parcel of understanding Chinese culture. Home to the vast majority of traditional character users, Taiwan plays a significant role in preserving and promoting the use of traditional Chinese characters.

In academia, Taiwan’s academic and private organizations have never ceased to exert great effort into Taiwan Studies and Sinology Studies and conduct cultural exchanges with the international academia; the research quality enjoyed by Taiwan is comparable to that of the other nations.

By building upon Taiwan’s unique features and strengths, and utilizing Taiwan’s advanced digital and information technology, Taiwan Academy focuses on three major aspects — teaching the Chinese language and the promotion of traditional Chinese characters; Taiwan studies and Sinology studies; and Taiwan’s diverse culture — to construct an integrated information platform that represent the unique characteristics of the Chinese culture.


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