Stroke Order of Chinese Characters
Stroke Order of Chinese Characters

Chinese Title「常用國字標準字體筆順學習網」



To facilitate the teaching of traditional Chinese character writing and to spread knowledge of traditional characters, the Ministry of Culture of the R.O.C. has established this online learning program — Learning Program for Stroke Order of Frequently Used Chinese Characters. 

The content of this program consists of the stroke order of 4,080 characters and 37 Bopomofo symbols, all with accompanying audio files.

The Advanced Information section includes information from other MOE language-learning programs or publications, such as the Concise Mandarin Chinese Dictionary, Teacher’s Handbook of Standard Form of Chinese Characters, Distinguishing between Frequently-Used Chinese Characters, Handbook of Chinese Radicals, forming a network from which users may learn forms, pronunciation, and meanings of traditional Chinese characters at the same time.

There are five ways to search for characters: by character, stroke number, radical, Bopomofo symbols, and pinyin. Students may also use Bopomofo symbols to search for a character, whereas second-language learners may use Hanyu Pinyin.

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