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Requirements for Proposal
Requirements for Proposal


Proposal Requirements

For Spotlight Taiwan Project


January 2018 Edition



1. Project Title


2. Organization

  • Please include the division and full name of the applying organization, together with a brief assessment of the outlook and summary of the organization.


3. Applicant / Contact Window

  • Please include a brief CV, job title, telephone, and e-mail.


4. Project Objectives


5. Project Content

  • Please provide detailed information of the planned events, collaborative partners, and focus of these events. Should the organization wish to invite groups or personnel from Taiwan to participate, these requests should be included in the proposal as well.


6. Timetable

  • Please provide a detailed schedule for implementing the proposed events, including dates and duration.


7. Marketing Plan

  • Please describe a multi-channel regional marketing approach (such as a dedicated webpage, print campaign, media coverage, press release, informational meeting, or press conference) for promoting the events.


8. Budget

  • Please provide a budget plan that states the estimated total expenditure, the amount and percentage of expenditure to be shared by each participating organization (including the amount requested from the Ministry), as well as other sources of funding.


9. Scale of Project

  • Please introduce all participating personnel and organizations and the significance of their contributions (such as venue, equipment, or administrative support).


10. Projected Results and Future Plans




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