Research Center for Digital Humanities | NTU


The National Taiwan University Research Center for Digital Humanities, launched in 2001, has been performing digital conservation of Taiwanese cultural artifacts and historical resources considered significant, unique, evanescent, or fragile.

Pooling the efforts of the interdisciplinary research teams in National Taiwan University, over the years the center has established more than a dozen databases, including the Ming-Qing Archives, Taiwan's Early Contract Archives, Taiwan Colonial Court Archives, Taiwan Colonial Empirical Statistics, Kuomintang (KMT) Party Records Archives, Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council Archives, Clipping Archives of Tang-Wai Magazines and Social Movements, Database of Taiwanese Old Pictures.

These databases contain an abundance of Taiwanese cultural assets and diverse historical perspectives. It is hoped that information technology will provide great help in locating research materials and make future research less time consuming and labor intensive.

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