Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy | Academia Sinica


Formally established in 1990, the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy has three major research fields: literature, philosophy, and classics.

Areas of special interest include: Chinese literature in the Ming and Qing dynasties, contemporary Taiwanese literature, contemporary Confucianism, comparative philosophy, classical Chinese literature, and translation studies.

In recent years, the institute has achieved remarkable research accomplishments in a variety of areas:

  • Study of Ming and Qing drama and narrative literature by authors such as Tang Xianzu, Qian Qianyi, and Wang Shizhen;
  • Publication of manuscripts by writers of contemporary literature such as Yang Kui, Liu Na'ou, Xu Shoutang, and Lin Haiyin;
  • Study of renowned scholars of contemporary Confucianism such as Hsu Fu-kwan;
  • Study in the area of classics such as of the Qing Qian-Jia period Yangzhou School.
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