Institute of History and Philology | Academia Sinica


Established in Guangzhou in 1928 and relocated to Taiwan in 1948, the Institute of History and Philology is a multi-disciplinary institute and one of the eldest research units in the humanities field at Academia Sinica. Under the leadership of Director Fu Ssu-Nien in its earlier years, the Institute has gained a prominent role in fields such as history, archeology, philology, anthropology, and ethnic studies.

The institute currently houses four departments, namely history, archeology, anthropology, and philology, and nine research centers that undergo area-specific research.  Besides continuing with established traditions in collecting and collating historical data, the institute also devotes itself to the development of new areas of research. 

In recent years, it has made quite remarkable achievements in areas such as social history, legal history, history of health and healing, images and artifacts, prehistoric history of Taiwan, ecological archeology, ancient writings, and world history. The establishment of Scripta Sinica and the digitalization of many of its collections are two of the particularly notable efforts.  

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