Cross-Strait Language Base
Cross-Strait Language Base

Chinese Language Knowledge Base



The first expert-reviewed online cross-strait lexicon on the internet, “Chinese Language Knowledge Base,” was launched by the General Association of Chinese Culture in 2012. This knowledge base offers information on contemporary cross-strait language and the essence of historical Chinese writing, allowing all Chinese users to write using one common Chinese script. The contents of the “Chinese Language Knowledge Base” include a dictionary search, character art, digital study materials, and universal vocabulary:


  • The dictionary search content was constructed from a number of databases, including the Cross-Strait Common Vocabulary Dictionary, Cross-Strait Academic Terminology, and Cross-Strait Comparative Academic Terminology for Elementary and middle school textbooks. The content for these three databases was completed with cross-strait cooperation.


  • The “Chinese Language Knowledge Base” emphasizes the formal, phonetic, and semantic differences of cross-strait vocabulary with side-by-side comparisons that offer users full understanding at a glance.


  • The “Chinese Language Knowledge Base” uses calligraphy written by Professor Chang Ping-huang, providing references for ancient scripts and stroke order.


  • The website’s section on “character art” contains posts of classic texts from the National Palace Museum collection, and using e-pen technology, users can watch the writing process and enjoy the beauty behind the images that make up Chinese characters.
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