Study in Taiwan
Study in Taiwan

Study in Taiwan



Study in Taiwan is subsidized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and maintained by the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET). It is the biggest portal site for international students to learn more about higher education opportunities in Taiwan.


1. University search engine

There are more than 140 universities listed on the website. Each listing contains introductory materials, location, academic performance, contact information, application information, and the website of each university.


2. Program search engine

There are nearly 2,000 programs and departments in Taiwan for international students to choose from. Each listing contains field of study, language requirements, introductory materials, and contact information.


3. Programs taught in English

There are 128 high-quality programs taught in English and approved by the Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT). Students who are searching for English programs can find them at:


4. Scholarship search engine

There are nearly 200 scholarships available in Taiwan. Each listing contains degree requirements, qualification, and application details. 


Moreover, Study in Taiwan also provides the information about learning Chinese in Taiwan, the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) and the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship. If you want to learn Chinese in Taiwan, you can browse the website to find some useful information.

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