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Youth Go! Village Cultural Development Project
Youth Go! Village Cultural Development Project

Chinese Title:「青年村落文化行動計畫」

Official Website: http://youthgo.moc.gov.tw 



Seeing how youths have performed well in many competitions sponsored by non-government organizations in recent years, the Ministry of Culture launched the “Youth Go! Village Cultural Development Project Competition” in 2014, offering prize money of up to NT$1 million to applicants within the age range of 20 to 35.

Unlike past practices of giving subsidies directly to rural communities, the “Village Cultural Development Project” provides youths with more opportunities to bring into play their advantages and help local communities to develop diverse and innovative forms of economy by accentuating regional artistic and cultural merits.

All local residents and foreign nationals aged between 20 and 35 are eligible to participate in this competition, which is divided into three categories — promoting arts and culture, revitalizing micro industries, and establishing business matchmaking platforms to assist village cultural development.

An annual total of 100 available slots are offered in the contest and those who pass the review will receive a grant ranging from NT$200,000 to NT$1 million to implement their projects, which is in addition to prize money of NT$100,000 each. The Ministry of Culture will also provide relevant professional advice, guidance, and resources to support and accompany the implementation of the winning projects.

Take a leap and enter the world of Taiwan’s villages, indigenous tribes, and other areas where resources are scarce, for dreams are not limited by borders or nationalities. Log onto http://youthgo.moc.gov.tw today. 


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