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'Window View of Life'
'Window View of Life'
2015-01-10 ~ 2015-03-27
Taiwan Art Bank
No. 150 Ziyou Road, West District, Taichung City

The first exhibition of the Taiwan Art Bank’s collections in 2015 will showcase 21 artworks by young Taiwanese artists, ranging from acrylic paintings to ink wash paintings, photographs, installation art, mixed media, oil paintings, and sculptures.

Themed “places,” the exhibition seeks to mirror society, pointing out the artists’ shared imagination and memories of certain places. Life is seen from the vantage of a window, which is shaped by the different experiences in one’s life. By “opening the window,” people can learn more about the world out there. The artworks are like various windows to the places the artists have visited and through which they express their views on life in a certain place and environment. These “windows” are ultimately a vehicle for the artists to channel their observations on their homeland – Taiwan.

The 19 artists featured in the exhibition are:

  • Pai Yu-lin (白育綾)
  • Wu Yi-tze (吳易澤)
  • Wu Cheng-chang (吳政璋)
  • Lee Yeh-lin (李岳凌)
  • Lee Yi-hsien (李易暹)
  • Lin Yu-ting (林玉婷)
  • Lin Chien-chih (林建志)
  • Lin Ru-dao (林儒鐸)
  • Duan An-kow (段安國)
  • Vinci Weng (翁銘邦)
  • Yuan Goang-ming (袁廣鳴)
  • Chang Liang-i (張良一)
  • Chang Ching-wen (張靜雯)
  • Kuo Hui-chan (郭慧禪)
  • Chen Po-i (陳伯義)
  • Chen Ting-chun (陳亭君)
  • Chen Wan-jen (陳萬仁)
  • Huang Yun-shang (黃運祥)
  • Liu Yun-yi (劉芸怡)

The chosen works are centered on the artists’ individual ways of identifying with the local lifestyle and their feelings about their homeland. Covering three sub-topics that explore and reflect on social changes, economic development, and culture, the exhibition will run from Jan. 10 through March 27 at the Art Bank’s headquarters in Taichung City. 

"Window View" by Chen Po-i, 2012
"Window View" by Chen Po-i, 2012
"City Disqualified – Ximen District (Prototype)" by Yuan Goang-ming, 2001
"City Disqualified – Ximen District (Prototype)" by Yuan Goang-ming, 2001
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