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Ministry program matches performers with venues
Short One Player Theater / 三缺一劇團
Short One Player Theater / 三缺一劇團

The Ministry of Culture will offer subsidies totaling NT$16.65 million to selected performing groups under its flagship program to match such groups with performance venues in 2015. The approved groups include 12 theater groups, 6 traditional groups, 8 music groups, and 7 dance troupes. 

Most of the groups receiving subsidies in 2015 have previously participated in the Ministry’s matchmaking program. These groups thus have the experience of being stationed at performance venues, and their resident performances last year were highly praised. 

Among them are Chiuko Traditional Orchestra (中九歌民族管絃樂團), Our Theater (阮劇團), Short One Player Theater (三缺一劇團), Chin Fei-fong Marionette Theatre Troupe (錦飛鳳傀儡戲劇團), Cheng Ming-lung Taiwanese Opera Company (正明龍歌劇團), Phiharmonica Moments Musicax (樂興之時管絃樂團), and Dance Exponent Five (舞次方舞蹈工坊, DX5).

The 33 approved groups will be stationed throughout Taiwan and its offshore islands to effectively coax to fruition the Ministry’s vision of nurturing culture at the grassroots level. 

The Ministry of Culture launched the program in 2009 to provide local performing groups with financial stability, enhance the quality of their performances, and assist performance venues throughout the country in establishing their own characteristics. Such cooperative mechanism of matching and stationing can also help bring out the unique artistic and cultural features of the local communities.  

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