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Art Bank collection spruces up Taichung hotel
Art Bank collection spruces up Taichung hotel

Taiwan’s Art Bank has leased 11 unique artworks by nine local artists – He Meng-jiuan (何孟娟), Lin Ching-fang (林慶芳), Chou Yi-hsun (周義勳), Chou Ching-huei (周慶輝), Hsu Juei-fu (徐睿甫), Chen Huan-chen (陳煥禎), Chen Ching-yao (陳擎耀), Liao Yu-an (廖堉安), and Tsai Ming-chun (蔡明君) – to the Red Dot Hotel in Taichung, where a free exhibition will promote the concept of art in everyday life.

The “Art Space” gallery established by Red Dot Hotel is an open platform aimed at supporting young artists and letting people get close to art. In addition to regularly inviting young artists to exhibit their works, the gallery is open to the public for free visits. The gallery founder believes that people’s participation is also a form of artistic interaction, which is in line with the Art Bank’s concept of civic aesthetics.

The Art Bank and “Art Space” gallery collaboration allows the works by Taiwanese artists to be displayed outside the traditional gallery space by breaking into the area of business travel. In addition to implementing the Art Bank’s concept of introducing art into everyday life, such a mode of exhibition that combines travel venues with contemporary arts can also become a good example for other commercial spaces to consider and observe.  

To promote the market circulation and visibility of artistic works, Taiwan’s Art Bank has been purchasing outstanding works of art to assist and encourage domestic artists with great potential through an open call, and then using the circulation form of leasing to help tailor the exhibition space according to a lessee’s requirements.

Through the cooperation with Red Dot Hotel in leasing works of art, Art Bank has not only inspired a brand new space of artistic imagination but also allowed people and art to get closer to each other. In the future, Art Bank will actively cooperate with various industries in letting the beauty of art shine in every corner of daily life. 

For measure related to artwork leasing, please visit the Art Bank website at http://artbank.ntmofa.gov.tw/

Art Bank collection spruces up Taichung hotel
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