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Int'l brand-building museum conference ends on high note
Int'l brand-building museum conference ends on high note

Following the ICOM-INTERCOM & FIHRM 2014 Taipei Conference in May, the ICOM MPR 2014 Taiwan Conference also concluded successfully in Taichung City on Sept. 5, marking Taiwan’s successful integration with the international museum community.

Organized to reflect the theme of “Museum Branding: Redefining Museums for the 21st Century,” the four-day Taiwan conference had not only presented a diverse collection of successful marketing stories by local and overseas museums, but also brought news of international trends and core issues to the attention of Taiwanese museums.

Hosting the conferences in Taiwan is of great significance at a time when museum-related cultural and creative industries are enjoying a flourishing growth. In addition, the Executive Yuan has just approved the draft Museum Act, which will help to streamline and integrate the nation’s museum-related resources.

The 2014 Taiwan Conference was also the first ICOM MPR annual meeting held in Asia, and the largest annual conference with the greatest number of participants in its history.

President Chang Yui-tan of the Chinese Association of Museums introduced brand building by Taiwanese museums when opening the conference, and his delivery was followed with four keynote speeches by museum-branding experts from Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Twenty-four dissertations were also published on relevant topics such as case studies on using public value to build brands, and using audience insight to build brand value. The submissions were from the United States, Australia, Norway, Armenia, Serbia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.

In the rapidly changing modern world, major museums throughout the world have begun combining a wide range of flexible international media marketing campaigns with brand alliance strategy methods to redefine the next-generation concept of museum branding.

The conference successfully facilitated the exchange of brand-building experiences by museums of different scales and types in different countries. Several museums are convinced that museum-goers seek “active participation” and “empathy” and thus argue that museums should strive to transform themselves into places that “allow the public to think profoundly.” This trend is reflective of the future of museum development, which Taiwanese museums should embrace.    

At a time when museum culture, creation, taste, and aesthetics have become the next arena of competition, the Ministry of Culture is proud to announce that the COM ICR 2014 Taiwan Conference, Taiwan’s third international museum conference this year, will be held at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei from Oct. 20 to 25.

Int'l brand-building museum conference ends on high note
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