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Accelerate@CERN TAIWAN


To promote innovative cross-field cooperation in science and the arts, the Republic of China (Taiwan) Ministry of Culture (“the Ministry”) and the European Council for Nuclear Research (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, “CERN”) have come together to create Accelerate@CERN TAIWAN. The project will hold an open selection for two Taiwanese artists: one dancer/choreographer and one digital designer/artist/programmer. The two selected artists will be sent to CERN to focus on digital interactive performance art and engage in exchanges with scientists and artists from more than 100 countries.

Science and the arts have long been considered “parallel” disciplines that do not intersect, but there are many fundamental similarities between them. This project aims to find artists filled with creativity and curiosity for new fields to set them on a “collision course” with CERN to inspire new experiences and innovation in technology-based art.


  • Organizers:   Ministry of Culture, CERN
  • Location:      CERN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Duration:      Residency lasts one month


​2014-15 Application Period


​Contact Information

  • Ministry of Culture:
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