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Calif.-based center to hold Taiwanese art show
Angel / 天使
Angel / 天使

Taiwanese artist Tsai Shih-hung (蔡士弘), who is currently serving a three-month residency at the California-based 18th Street Arts Center, will be featured in an upcoming art show in Santa Monica from Sept. 6 to 26.

Tsai explained that the paintings he created during his residency explore the themes of “Leave & Live” and “Frames.” The first topic relates to escaping from dominance and control, only to find that the truth is embedded in the grey and shadowy regions of life.

“Frames,” on the other hand, alludes to the penetration of smart technology in the modern lifestyle. The endless frames that offer entry into the virtual world become portals that diminish the importance of reality, and what was created to bring convenience has instead weakened the fabrics of society.

He oftentimes addresses topical issues such as the resurgence of the mad cow disease and ongoing crises such as warfare and death. The reoccurring brightly-colored shooting stars motif in his paintings however, is the artist’s way of providing hope and solace to his audiences.


‘Tsai Shih-hung Exhibition’

Supported by the Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles

A Secluded Drowning Place / 隱溺之地
A Secluded Drowning Place / 隱溺之地
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