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Proposed Museum Act one step closer to becoming ratified
Proposed Museum Act one step closer to becoming ratified

The draft Museum Act offering comprehensive legal support for 746 public and private museums across Taiwan was approved by the Executive Yuan, the nation’s executive branch, on Aug. 7.

If enacted, the 18-article draft bill will introduce the following changes:

  • The Ministry of Culture will become the central governing authority of Taiwan’s museum industry.
  • The legal definition of a museum will be expanded to include nonprofit operations that serve the public’s interests.
  • The establishment of both public and private museums will no longer require the support of a legal personality.
  • The collections of public museums will no longer be subjected to the requirements of public property management laws.
  • Foreign art pieces exhibited in Taiwan will be exempt from judicial seizures by domestic law.
  • Public museums will be given first priority in purchasing pieces from government-subsidized private museums.

Under the proposed bill, private museums that could previously only be treated as foundations or companies would be able to register as legal entities and enjoy the full spectrum of benefits offered by the Museum Act.

If appointed as the central governing authority of museums, the Ministry of Culture could also integrate and re-distribute the cultural resources of the nation’s museums, provide advisory support and subsidies for artifact restoration and preservation, and act as an intermediary in facilitating cross-museum collaborations.

The draft bill aimed at bolstering the overall quality and services of Taiwanese museums will be submitted to the Legislative Yuan in September. 

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