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New program launched to promote cultural literacy
New program launched to promote cultural literacy

In order to assist with the development of Taiwan’s publishing industry, the Ministry of Culture has launched a cross-sector program in an effort to cultivate new writers and expand the country’s reading population.

The program aims to cooperate with Taiwan's newspapers and magazines to offer more writing opportunities as well as to work with local television stations to promote literature through new channels and methods.

The program includes several ongoing projects such as "Literature Cultivation Project," which is organized by children-oriented publications Mandarin Daily News and Youth Journal to hold Chinese essay-writing contests.

The program also collaborated with TV stations such as Formosa Tele-communication Investment Co., Ltd. to produce a TV program titled "Taiwan from Above" (飛閱文學地景). Featuring a combination of aerial photography and poems, the TV show allows audiences to enjoy both the beauty of literature and the nation's landscapes.

Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation has produced another TV program, "Literature: Face & Book" (文學Face & Book), which is designed to enhance the cultural literary of children and younger audiences.

The 39-episode "Taiwan From Above" will be broadcasted on several channels under Formosa TV, while the 26-epsoide " Literature: Face & Book" will begin broadcast on Public Television Service from April 23. 

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