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The 'Golden Crowd' Project
The 'Golden Crowd' Project

Chinese Title:「黃金人口參與村落文化發展」



Launched at the start of 2013, the “Golden Crowd” mobilization program aims to tap into the cultural expertise of the nation’s senior population to help promote arts and culture in remote villages.

Government statistics show that the number of citizens aged 65 and over in Taiwan has increased from 4.7 percent of the total population in 1983 to 10.9 percent in 2011. The figures are expected to reach 39.4 percent by 2060.

With the irreversible trends of globalization and urbanization, many young people have moved to cities, leaving senior citizens to fill the role of fostering community awareness in these rural regions. This pilot program offers counseling and financial support to train senior citizens in the preservation and promotion of local arts, crafts, culture and history.

In 2013, 44 communities, including 13 aboriginal villages, received a total of NT$3.4 million (US$114,672) in financial support from the Ministry. Local cultural foundations and companies are encouraged to join the initiative and "adopt" communities, as the program also matches companies with communities to help rural residents develop and preserve their culture.


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