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Chinese Title: 「五大文化創意產業園區」


Cultural and Creative Parks are Taiwan’s answers to Los Angeles’ Third Street Promenade and Shanghai’s Tianzhifang. These artsy meccas do more than attract tourists, however; they provide a much-needed public platform for young and aspiring artists, craftspeople, musicians, and street buskers.

In addition to serving as recreational areas for the general public, these parks also attest to regional history. Take, for example, the one in Taipei that was transformed from a Japanese-era winery. Its abandoned warehouses have since been converted to showcase the original distillery process, while the office buildings offer a peek of architectural styles from that time.

Such historic complexes are given a second chance to serve the public through the provision of exhibition spaces, creative store fronts, rehearsal rooms, performance venues, workshops, and indoor theaters.

There currently five national-level cultural and creative parks in this program — Huashan (northern Taiwan), Taichung (central Taiwan), Hualien (eastern Taiwan), Chiayi (western Taiwan), and Tainan (southern Taiwan), thus ensuring equal access to cultural resources for all the nation’s citizens. 

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