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iMatch Cafe
iMatch Cafe

Chinese Title「文創咖啡廳」

Official Site: imatch.moc.gov.tw



“iMatch,” an idea-matching platform for creative individuals and businesses to swap ideas and combine resources, was launched in August 2013 to assist entrepreneurs who lack funding and the ability to enter the market.

iMatch serves as a networking hub by connecting young artists and established companies through the internet, in which a group of people bonded by common interests can work together to transform original ideas into actual products.

The website also holds regular votes for the best proposals uploaded onto iMatch, and the competition is followed by a business-matchmaking meeting for the winners to meet with corporate partners from the virtual café. 

iMatch is managed by a strong advisory team comprised of established creative professionals who are available to provide free consultations and assist with investment transactions. 

Another crucial component of the iMatch platform is its message board, where moderators post the latest news and trends relating to the cultural and creative sector. Find out more about the virtual cafe at imatch.moc.gov.tw.


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