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A strong Taiwanese presence at the 2014 NY Fashion Week

With a fashion collection based on the concept of “Home,” Austin Wu (吳日云), a 24-year-old designer from Taiwan, made a strong debut at the 2014 New York Fashion Week on Feb. 8.

Wu is the only designer from Taiwan who was included in the 2014 Asia Fashion Collection of the New York Fashion Week, one of the world's four major stages for fashion designers.

Wu said his 2014 Fall/Winter Collection, which is predominately crafted in shades of yellow, was inspired by Sting’s "Fields of Gold," a love song that the British singer released in 1993 after buying a house near a barley field.

For his collection, Wu used upholstery and drapery fabrics to evoke the memories of family and home, while still staying true to the spirit of minimalism maintained by his favorite designer, the iconic Jil Sander of Germany.

The Taipei native, who founded his personal brand "Austin W" at the age of 21, said he was very excited about partaking in the global event, which allowed him to see the differences in creativity between Western and Eastern designers.

Whereas Asia tends to tell stories through designs, the West examines more practical details, such as its wearability and mix-and-match potential, he said. 

A 2012 graduate of Shih Chien University, Wu is also the grand winner of the third season of Taiwanese reality TV competition, “Super Designer.” His creations have been worn by Taiwanese celebrities such as Ariel Lin (林依晨) and Matilda Tao (陶晶瑩), as well as by American singer Lady Gaga and Japan’s most-adored fictional feline, Hello Kitty. 

Wu's 2014 Fall/Winter collection is titled "Fields of Gold."
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