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Recipients of the 2014 Three-tier Funding Project
By removing major economic obstacles, the Three-tier Funding Project enables local troupes to focus on creating and refining their performances.
By removing major economic obstacles, the Three-tier Funding Project enables local troupes to focus on creating and refining their performances.

The 2014 leg of the Ministry of Culture’s Three-tier Funding Project will offer funding for a total of 85 Taiwan-based performing art groups, including 17 musical ensembles, 26 dancing groups, 18 traditional opera companies, and 24 modern theater troupes.

Altogether, 149 performing art groups applied for the program, whereas three of the recipients – Yuan Yuan Dance Theater, Chi-Chiao Opera Troupe, and Assignment Theatre – were included in the program for the first time.

First established in 1999, the Three-Tier Funding program is a Ministry initiative that aims to create a financially stable environment for Taiwan’s performing arts groups.

Tier Three refers to the incubation of new talents and experimental groups, Tier Two refers to strengthening the development of established ensembles, and Tier One refers to promoting the top bands on the international stage.

The Ministry has allocated a budget of NT$154.6 million (US$5.1 million) for this year’s program. The following is the list of selected recipients organized by their respective categories and tiers:



Tier One (Excellence): 1

  • Taipei Philharmonic Foundation for Culture and Education 
  • (財團法人台北愛樂文教基金會)


Tier Two (Development): 12

  • Philharmonia Moments Musicaux (樂興之時管絃樂團)
  • Chai Found Music Workshop (采風樂坊)
  • Taipei Male Choir (拉縴人男聲合唱團)
  • Academy of Taiwan Strings (台灣絃樂團)
  • Forum Music Ensemble (十方樂集)
  • Taipei Chamber Singers (台北室內合唱團)
  • Chin Yuan Chinese Orchestra (琴園國樂團),
  • Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra (小巨人絲竹樂團)
  • Chiuko Traditional Orchestra (九歌民族管絃樂團)
  • Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra (台北愛樂室內及管弦樂團)
  • Formosa Singers (福爾摩沙合唱團)
  • Taipei Wind Orchestra & Symphonic Band (台北青年管樂團)


Tier Three (Incubation): 4

  • Taiwan Wind Ensemble (台灣管樂團)
  • XinXin Nanguan Ensemble (心心南管樂坊)
  • Kaohsiung Chamber Choir (高雄室內合唱團)
  • Tao Yuan Symphonic Band (桃園交響管樂團)




Tier Two (Development): 12

  • Dance Forum (舞蹈空間舞蹈團)
  • WCDance (林文中舞團)
  • Century Contemporary Dance Company (世紀當代舞團)
  • Legend Lin Dance Theatre (無垢舞蹈劇場)
  • Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company (稻草人現代舞團)
  • Tjimur Dance Theatre (蒂摩爾古薪舞集)
  • Neo Classic Dance Company (新古典舞)
  • Horse Dance Theater (驫舞劇場)
  • Sun-Shier Dance Theatre (三十舞蹈劇場)
  • Kaohsiung City Ballet (高雄城市芭蕾舞團)
  • Capital Ballet-Taipei (台北首督芭蕾舞團)
  • Taipei Dance Circle (光環舞集)


Tier Three (Incubation): 14

  • Shu-Yi & Dancers (周先生)
  • Meimage Dance (何曉玫MEIMAGE舞團)
  • Fevervine Taiwanese Dancers (雞屎藤新民族舞團)
  • Contemporary Jazz Dance Theater (爵代舞蹈劇場)
  • Liaomoshi Dance Theater (廖末喜舞蹈劇場)
  • Solar Site Dance Company (索拉舞蹈空間舞團)
  • The Formosa Indigenous Dance Foundation of Culture and Arts
  • (財團法人原舞者文化藝術基金會)
  • Dance Works (舞工廠舞團)
  • Physical Dance Theater (8213肢體舞蹈劇場)
  • Lin Long Dance Group (靈龍舞蹈團)
  • Body EDT (體相舞蹈劇場)
  • Yuan Yuan Dance Team (員圓舞蹈團)
  • MAD Theater (極至體能舞蹈團)
  • Jade and Artists Dance Troupe (肢體音符舞團)


Traditional Theatrical Arts


Tier Two (Development): 10

  • Contemporary Legend Theatre (當代傳奇劇場) *
  • Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company (唐美雲歌仔戲團)
  • YiShin Taiwanese Opera Troupe (一心戲劇團)
  • Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe (春美歌劇團)
  • Shiukim Taiwanese Opera Troupe (秀琴歌劇團)
  • Rong Sing Hakka Opera Troupe (榮興客家採茶劇團)
  • Liao Wen-ho Puppet Show Troupe (廖文和布袋戲團)
  • Taipei Puppet Theater (台北木偶劇團)
  • Ming Hua Yuan Tian Taiwanese Opera (明華園天字戲劇團)
  • Taipei Quyi Tuan (台北曲藝團)


Tier Three (Incubation): 8

  • Hsin-chuan Taiwanese Opera Troupe (薪傳歌仔戲劇團)
  • Sunhope Taiwanese Opera Troupe (尚和歌仔戲劇團)
  • The Happy Puppetry Company (真快樂掌中劇團)
  • Ming-Chu Girls' Taiwanese Opera Troupe (明珠女子歌劇團)
  • Taiwan Opera (台灣歌仔戲班劇團)
  • Wen He Legendary Theater Troupe (文和傳奇戲劇團)
  • Gang-a-tsui Theater (江之翠劇場)
  • Holo Taiwanese Opera Troupe (河洛歌子戲團)


Modern Drama


Tier Two (Development): 12

  • Tainan Jen Theatre (台南人劇團)
  • Puppet & Its Double (無獨有偶工作室劇團)
  • Creative Society (創作社劇團)
  • Green Theatre Company (綠光劇團)
  • Open Theater Group (大開劇團)
  • Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group (莎士比亞的妹妹們的劇團)
  • Golden Bough Theatre (金枝演社劇團)
  • Song Song Song Children’s Puppetry Theatre (九歌兒童劇團)
  • Puppet Beings Theatre Company (偶偶偶劇團)
  • Ifkids Theatre Company (如果兒童劇團)
  • Godot Theatre Company (果陀劇場)
  • Sun Son Theatre (身聲劇場)


Tier Three (Incubation): 12

  • Riverbed Theatre (河床劇團)
  • Flying-group Theatre (飛人集社劇團)
  • Dark Eyes Performance Lab (黑眼睛跨劇團)
  • M.O.V.E. Theatre (動見体)
  • Our Theatre (阮劇團)
  • Fantasy Theatre (狂想劇場)
  • Chi-Chao Opera Troupe (奇巧劇團)
  • EX-Theatre Asia (EX-亞洲劇團)
  • Short One Player Theater (三缺一劇團)
  • Möbius Strip Theatre (莫比斯圓環創作公社)
  • 1/2 Q Theatre (二分之一Q劇場)
  • Assignment Theatre Company (差事劇團)
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