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Dept. of Humanities & Publications
Dept. of Humanities & Publications

The Department of Humanities and Publications of the Ministry of Culture is comprised of four divisions. Its functions include the following:

  • Fostering, planning, coordinating, guiding and enhancing the nation’s overall level of culture and humanities.
  • Fostering the nation’s literary talents and promoting their works.
  • Planning, coordinating, rewarding and promoting all policies in relation to preserving the nation’s dynamic and diverse culture. 
  • Planning, researching, supporting, rewarding and promoting the nation’s legislation in relation to the publishing industry. 
  • Fostering new talents and promoting exchanges in relation to the publishing industry. 
  • Researching, gathering, coordinating and publishing information in relation to the scope of work and standards of the publishing industry. 
  • Supervising and guiding the nation’s corporations and foundations in relation to the publishing industry.
  • Planning, researching, guiding and supporting the nation’s policies in relation to government publications; collecting and making publicly available information on publishing resources, research and development. 
  • Utilizing and safekeeping cultural creative materials from the public sphere such as pictures, books and historic data; promoting, selling, distributing and soliciting feedback on government publications. 
  • All other developments related to humanities and the publishing industry. 
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