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10 China-made films approved for Taiwan market
10 China-made films approved for Taiwan market

The Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID), the Ministry of Culture’s subordinate branch dedicated to audiovisual and pop music affairs, has unveiled the list of 10 mainland Chinese films that will be allowed to enter the Taiwanese market this year.

The ten productions were chosen by a drawing of random lots, in which some major China-made films were skipped over by chance.

Chinese actress Zhao Wei's directorial debut "So Young" (致我們終將逝去的青春), which depicts a young lady caught in an emotional struggle with two suitors, were among the lucky draws.

The other selected films include romances "The Whole Life" (一生一世) and "Pickles in Love" (泡菜), animated feature "Seer 3" (賽爾號大電影3), romantic comedy "A Wedding Invitation" (分手合約), family film "Red Reeds" (一江明燭), and comedy "Fake Fiction" (摩登年代).

The list is rounded out with dramas "The Falling Feather" (飄落的羽毛), "The Palace Lock Sinensis" (宮鎖沉香), and "Today and Tomorrow" (今天明天).

The Bureau noted that the allotment for 10 Chinese imported films each year was upped to 15 under a service trade pact signed between Taiwan and China last year.

The agreement was signed by representatives from both sides in June 21 in Shanghai; however, it has not yet been approved by Taiwan's Legislature. 

The Bureau explained that once the service trade pact is approved by the Legislature, it will randomly pick an additional 5 films from the current pool.

The Bureau received a total of 33 applications from mainland Chinese filmmakers and distributors this year, signifying an increase of 11 submissions in comparison to last year’s figures. 

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