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Dept. of General Planning

The Department of General Planning of the Ministry of Culture is comprised of four divisions. Its functions include the following:

  • Researching, coordinating and planning the Ministry of Culture’s course of direction, chief initiatives and keystone policies. 
  • Collecting, analyzing and evaluating information on domestic and foreign trends, initiatives, policies and issues within the cultural sphere. 
  • Tracking, managing, appraising and reviewing the progress of the Ministry of Culture’s mid- and long-term plans, yearly keystone policies, preparatory work and the decisions made during high-level meetings. 
  • Researching and revising the Ministry of Culture’s legislation governing general and internal affairs. 
  • Collecting, sorting, establishing, publishing and promoting information on the scope of work involved with the Ministry of Culture’s general and internal affairs. 
  • Establishing and supervising the nation’s foundations and public trust funds in relation to the cultural sphere. 
  • Planning, evaluating, coordinating, rewarding and promoting the integration of private cultural resources and the development of cross-sector human resources. 
  • Fostering, managing, guiding and rewarding cultural volunteers and the alternative military service cadets who choose to serve at the Ministry of Culture. 
  • All public relations and media duties required by the Ministry of Culture.
  • All other general planning duties required by the Ministry of Culture.
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