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An extra NT$10 million to be used to subsidize visual arts

The Ministry of Culture’s newest Visual Arts Groups Operating Subsidy Plan, which aims to promote exchange and creation in the field of visual arts, will be accepting applications until Dec. 16.

The Ministry has amended its Visual Arts Grants Operating Guidelines, which are divided into planning and operations categories, in order to provide an additional NT$10 million to assist Taiwanese visual arts groups in becoming more organized, and to further improve the environment for creation and connectivity with the international community.

Chang Su-pao, director of the Ministry’s Department of Arts Development, said that the program mainly offers funds for the operational needs of visual arts groups, and will not subsidize the same recipient twice.

For example, Chang said, the program assisted 13 young and emerging Taiwanese artists to enable their participation as a group in the renowned exhibition Ars Electronica held earlier this year in the Austrian city of Linz. The collective display was titled “Schizophrenia Taiwan 2.0” and it will travel to Russia’s St. Petersburg in December. 

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