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New flagship project to provide a ‘fertile environment’ for film
New flagship project to provide a ‘fertile environment’ for film

The Ministry of Culture will soon launch a new flagship project aimed at providing a better environment for Taiwan’s film industry.

The comprehensive project includes plans to overhaul the 30-year-old Motion Picture Act, cultivate talented documentary makers and set up a national cultural center for film.

Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai expressed the hope that government agencies would work together to prepare a more “fertile environment” conducive to the development of Taiwan's film industry over the next decade.

The planned center will be established by upgrading the existing Chinese Taipei Film Archive. As a subordinate organization of the Ministry, the archive currently boasts 104 people responsible for administration and management, research, education and promotion, and market expansion.

The planned center will be housed in a NT$5 billion facility devoted to film projects supervised by the New Taipei government, and will include a theater, a film archive and several offices. Construction is expected to begin at the end of this year and be completed by 2016.


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