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‘A New Wave of Reading’ heads for Yilan
‘A New Wave of Reading’ heads for Yilan

Giddens Ko, one of Taiwan’s most popular novelists and a cultural ambassador for the Ministry of Culture’s “A New Wave of Reading” program, will be touring Yilan County this November to share his reading experiences with members of the general public.

Following in the footsteps of veteran actress Brigitte Lin and filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang, Ko has joined the Ministry’s efforts to promote the habit of reading in Taiwan. He is joined by comic artist Cory and actor Wilson Bo-lin Chen for the program series during the latter half of 2013.

On Nov. 24 at the National Ilan University’s library building, Ko will meet with his fans and share some of his favorite Japanese reads, including mystery fiction writer Kotaro Isaka’s “Mao” (2005) and horror master Yukito Ayatsuji’s “Freaks” (1996).

Sign up for the free event here.

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