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Workshop on copyright brokerage to be held in Nov.
Workshop on copyright brokerage to be held in Nov.

To help train local copyright professionals, the Ministry of Culture will hold Taiwan’s first-ever publishing workshop on brokerage and international licensing practices from Nov. 14 through 16.

A copyright brokerage system not only helps individual writers to become part of the publishing industry, it also helps to introduce original literary works to international readers. Taiwan, however, currently lacks such a system that can connect with international publishers.

Copyright brokers who bridge writers and publishers are extremely active in Europe and the United States, Minister Lung Ying-tai said. Thus, the Ministry has pledged to promote the local publishing industry with three relevant measures – enhancing Taiwan’s copyright laws, distributing translated samples and training copyright brokers.

The Grayhawk Agency was commissioned by the Ministry to organize the 2013 Taipei Rights Workshop, which will have a strong lineup of speakers, including translators, literary scouts, agents, editors and copyright managers from Japan, the U.S., the U.K., France, Spain, Sweden and Israel. There will also be professionals from related fields such as translation, merchandising, audiovisual and digital products.

Israeli agent Deborah Harris and French agent Pierre Astier, who were pioneers of the broker system in their respective countries, are experienced in both book copyright and audiovisual products licensing.

The workshop will not only allow participants to learn about the market trends in Europe, America and Asia, they will also receive some tips on how to sell copyright to companies in different fields. During the workshop, the participants will be divided into groups to exercise copyright negotiations with the lecturers as well.

The participants selected for the workshop include staff members of major publishing groups, independent publishers, editors, freelancers, animation artists, translators, writers and students. For more information, please visit the workshop’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/taipei.rights.

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