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Related Links


Looking for more information on Taiwan’s cultural and creative resources? Here are some English-language websites maintained by the Ministry of Culture. 

Encyclopedia of Taiwan 

Also known as Taiwanpedia, the free encyclopedia is a great research tool that provides in-depth information on Taiwan’s history, religion and folk arts. 

Fresh Taiwan 

Fresh Taiwan provides the latest marketing information on the cultural and creative industries of Taiwan. 

Local Cultural Museum Portal 

A guide to regional museums and art venues around the isle. 

Taiwan Community Interaction Website 

A website documenting government projects in promoting community development, fostering regional cultures and empowering minority groups. 


Creative Online Boutiques


► ArtShop maintained by the National Theater and Concert Hall

► Boutique maintained by the Taiwan Film Institute

► DVD Boutique maintained by the GuoGuang Opera Company

► DVD Boutique maintained by the Taiwan Bangzi Company

► Boutique maintained by the Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center

► Book Boutique by the ROC Government Bookstore

► Boutique maintained by the National Palace Museum

► Boutique maintained by the National Taiwan Museum



Social Accounts


► Facebook / Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development

► YouTube / Bureau of Cultural Heritage

► Facebook / National Taiwan Museum

► Facebook / National Museum of Fine Arts

► Facebook / National Museum of History

► Facebook / National Center for Traditional Arts 

► Facebook / National Taiwan Craft Research & Development Institute

► YouTube / Taiwan Film Institute

► Facebook / Taiwan Cinema

► Facebook / Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts





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