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Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park
Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park



  • Chinese Name: 嘉義創意文化產業園區
  • Located At: Chiayi City (Southern Taiwan)
  • Renowned For: An ex-distillery that is comprised of well-preserved alcoholic beverage-making equipment and facilities.
  • Did You Know That … ? The 53-meter-tall chimney at the park used to be a landmark in Chiayi City.


The vintage old Chiayi Distillery, once Taiwan’s premier maker of the sorghum-based kaoliang liquor, was given a second chance to serve the public after being renovated and converted into Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park in 2009, one of five such parks in Taiwan.

Although the distillery ended operations in 1999, some say there remains a light aroma of liquor in the air at the park. Under the renovation plan, some spaces became exhibition halls, rehearsal rooms, performance venues and shops, while a major part of the original distillery spaces are preserved to display the traditional wine-making process.

Many of the equipment and devices, including storage barrels, bottle washing machines and storage troughs for kaoliang, are kept where they used to be decades ago.

Built in 1916 by a Japanese liquor company, the distillery also preserves several historic buildings, seven of which were completed before 1937, including a two-story brick storage house with a roof made of cypress wood. The buildings offer a peek into the architecture influenced by modernism at that time.

Today, the park also serves as a venue for art exhibitions, performances and workshops that focus on teaching folk arts and indigenous handicrafts. 

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